July in Winchester – I

I fell in love with England and Scotland since my first trip there, in the far distant 1975. Since then, I have gone back many times, mostly to England, where I happen to have some great friends. As you know, being in a place with local friends is completely different from visiting it as a regular tourist. So, I love England, for the country and for my friends.

As I have some Welsh friends too, I also do love Wales. And of course Denmark, but that is not quite the same story.

The question is, we went to Winchester last July. While waiting for the real reason of our trip to happen (you can guess it, but you will have to wait until the next post to know it for sure), we strolled about as the regular tourists we were then, enjoying the city and, above all, its nice and friendly people.

Although not everyone was local.

We spent some nights at Mrs. and Mr. Williams’ house and, besides having a lovely view,

they were nice and friendly too.


One of the qualities I really like of British people is that they conserve and keep using their old things, like this beautiful Morris… I wish I have bought it!

Well, some old business are closed, as everywhere.

I specially like old pubs,

and old houses,


full of chimneys.

I also like how they preserve the memory of their beloved, either few

or many, many people.

At the end of the day, the chimneys were the last visible features of the city before dissolving into the welcoming darkness.


3 Respuestas a “July in Winchester – I

  1. Admiro esos benchs y a quien los dona. Recuerdo uno (en Wales) que decía algo así: John y Mary venían todos los días aquí para contemplar el atardecer y hablar de sus cosas.


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