July in Winchester -III- Some more places. 1

After the wedding, the plan was to spend a couple of days together walking some parts of the South West section of the Dorset coast path.

We drove from Winchester, even crossing by ferry from Bournemouth to the Isle of Purbeck (actually not an island), and arrived to Worth Matravers, small village with a nice and old pub… under the fog.

Having swallowed a beer with a typical food, whose name I have forgotten, we strolled a bit by the village waiting unsuccessfully for the fog to disappear. Even the locals face the weather with a lot of British humor.

In the church’s cemetery, the fog added for mystery.

Realizing that it was not worth to wait for a change of conditions, we left the village and started walking to reach the sea side, and then following the path at first to the south west and then to the north and east.

We could just imagine what dramatic landscape we were passing by,

the scarce farms almost invisible.

The path was not always flat, having some quite big slopes,

enjoyed by cows and carrion crows.

During the evening, weather conditions did not improve,

even when we left the sea side

and arrived again to Worth Matravers,

so, after going for a short walk in Corfe Castle,

we went to Swanage for a tasty Italian dinner, on time to see a women team just reaching the beach on their “Cornish pilot gig”, a type of boat (gig) used in the old times for the pilots (Spanish ‘”prácticos”) to bring big boats to the harbor. They look very similar to our north coast “traineras”, although a bit smaller.

You can compare it with the Zarauz’s team “trainera”, seen training in Getaria harbor less than a month later.

The night finally arrived, and it was time to go back to the bed and breakfast, waiting for the following day to be a bit more sunny .


4 Respuestas a “July in Winchester -III- Some more places. 1

  1. Hola Paco!! muy lindo recorrido me encantó la foto de las vacas con los cuervos, y el cementerio. Gracias
    Saludos! Elisabeth


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