July in Winchester – IV – Some more places. 2

And it happened: the following day, the weather had changed dramatically… for the best!

Before start walking, we decided to visit the impressive ruins of Corfe Castle, standing above the village of the same name, that were closed the day before.

It was built in the 11th century and partially demolished by order of Parliament around 1650. Rumors said that was Cromwell, the Lord Protector and defeater of the Royalists, who ordered the demolition of the castle and the following beheading of the engineer in charge, who failed to do it properly. Although unable to confirm that story, I can imagine that the poor engineer did his best, taking into account the thickness of the walls.

Thanks to his unsuccessful job, we can now admire the place.

But we were in Dorset for walking so, after following a very small road,

left the car on a not-so-busy parking lot and started the second stage.

When we went on top of the hill, half surrounded by cows and sheep, we discovered a magnificent view: the landscape we were going to walk through.

The plan was to walk more or less parallel to the coast until arriving to the village of Kimmeridge, then go to the coast and follow it to the southeast, above the Kimmeridge Ledges, climbing later to find the car.

At the beginning, we passed by the mosaic of fields that we had seen from the hill,

and reaching Kimmeridge, we confirmed once again Briton’s love for flowers…

and traditional thatched roofs.

Some signal, although unnecessary (it is impossible to get lost having Phil leading the group!), makes for a humble nice view.

Leaving Kimmeridge Bay and walking the narrow path over the ledges, we passed by a group of lazy cows basking in the sun

and above a group of not so lazy people looking for a good place to take a bath.

Looking back, we enjoyed the view of Kimmeridge Bay and the coast further west,

although we had enough great spots ahead of us to look at.

As always, to walk by the sea side means to get many gulls on sight very often, nice sight indeed!

Do they also appreciate the views?

Being in such a good company and enjoying these gorgeous landscapes, who can ask for more?

It was time to climb the hill again,

and to arrive to Winchester on time for Phil to prepare a delicious barbecue on their garden (the best salmon I’ve ever tried is not in the photo, but I still remember it!).

The next day Mabel and I had a rented car to go to Dartmoor National Park.


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